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                Company profile

                    Engaged in the Iron & Steel Industry since 1992, Beijing Zhuangyu Metal Co., Ltd is an integrated steel trader with major operations in import & export and steel process. Pride ourselves on creating value for clients for more than 20 years; we focus intensively on various demanding accounts in the market of European, Asia, Mid-east, South America and Africa.

                    Dedicated ourselves to putting our global service into action, we have established long-term strategic cooperation relationships with Chinese top-ranking iron and steel producing enterprises and heavy-duty equipment manufacturing industries which are all through our rigorous comparison and selection, providing section steels, coils & plates, hollow sections, seamless pipes and steel equipments, always with an eye to serving our customers’ needs in global marketplace.

                    Centered on sophisticated steel expertise and professional administration, our company is essential to sustain a global brand value in the Iron & Steel import and export industry. Focusing on the vision of Self-discipline and Social commitment guides our company towards strengthening international cooperation, and enhancing competitiveness of China Iron & Steel Industry with a global outlook and presence.

                     We are looking forward to your incoming cooperation.

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